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Voices on the wind

You can feel it on the wind

As the Veil thins and the

Old ones gather

Concern on their faces

And tears in their eyes

For they know this coming

Storm only too well

Lived through it

Lifetime after lifetime

Since the dawning of time

And the advent of humans

They’ve seen how the divisions come

How they destroy what is good

The faces on the trees know and

There is sadness in their bones as

They send their roots deeper into

The Mother

They too feel the thinning of the Veil

As the Veil Walkers gather to speak

Their concern to those who will listen

So the trees shelter the ancestors, fairies,

Elementals, the unseen ones, the animals

All who use them for shelter, food, comfort

The trees feel what is coming as I do

The ancestors gathered right now just

Barely beyond the Veil



Hoping, but with grave concern for

How humans will ultimately respond

You can feel it on the wind –









Too much difference

And no one, it seems, has a clue how

To right the wrong that exists or how to

Shift the energies that hint at the idea

That no matter the outcome it will not be over

The Veil Walkers are holding space for us,

Watching, listening, waiting

Ready to offer solace and wisdom

If only we allow ourselves to feel them

To know them

To listen

You can feel it on the wind

But will you/we/I pay attention

Before the blanket of darkness

Completely covers the light

Before the fires burn all that is

Good before...




For without this Before that holds

A miniscule moment in time,

That holds the possibility of tomorrows

And tomorrows and even more,

The After will come riding in on the

Storm of apathy and disbelief, disinformation

Lies upon lies upon lies bringing with them

A blanket of darkness

There is a moment in time

The Veil now already thins

But only a moment

So I call in the Warrior Goddesses

Both those of myth and real life

Queen Boudicca of the Iceni

The Amazons from the Caucasas Steppes

The Morrigan – Morrigu, Badb and Macha




Durga on her Tiger

Sekhmet with her Lion

Bast with her Panther/Jaguar

All the women of today who

Have said enough is enough

And volunteer, march, protest

And teach the children well

There is still work to be done

Whisper the voices on the wind

Still prayers to be said

Altars to be created now

And even after the will

of the people is certified

Until that time comes

Until that time is over

Do not rest in complacency

For the good fight

Is still being fought

And the loser will not

Go gently into the good night*

Voices on the Wind**, ©Arlene Bailey

Art, Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, ©Arlene Bailey

*Paraphrase of line from “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas,

**Previously published in “In Defiance of Oppression: The Legacy of Boudicca”, an Anthology from Girl God Books ©2021,

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