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Welcoming the Unknowing

I sit in the stillness of the Sacred Endarkenment

Feeling my breath… In and out, In and out

See, SHE says…

You ARE still breathing

Still capable of creating IF 

You allow for ALL possibilities

Feeling into each one with no agenda

Save that of simply being in the moment

Allowing each cell of your precious body

To feel the vibrations that align with You

As you feel the stirring deep within 

That is the gnosis of your own sweet

Heart’s wisdom and desires

Breathe in, Breathe out 

Closing out all sounds and feelings

As you allow yourself to slip into

Deep vulnerability and the 

Gifts of this moment and in this time

Feel the sweetness of your soft body

The desires of your heart to know what

Comes next as you relax into that

Place of proverbial UN-Knowing

That place that is the Cauldron of

ALL still yet to birth into your world

Breathe, Relax

Breathe, Relax

Let go, Let go, Let go, Let go

No Expectations

No Agenda

Only the slow releasing of all

That has come before 

Only the gentle opening to all

That can still come when one

Gives space to the Un-Raveling 

All that can still happen when One,

Standing naked in deep catharsis

And release, is able to surrender

To all that is the past as She enters

The Welcoming of the Unknowing

Welcoming of the Unknowing, ©Arlene Bailey

Art by Autumn Skye,

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